12 octobre 2017
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Antoni Gaudi and the Casa Botines of León

Antoni Gaudi is a famous Spanish architect from Catalonia. He was born in 1852 and died in 1926. He marked Spanish culture by his revolutionnary works inspired by nature. He is world-known thanks to his works, such as the Park Güell, the Casa Mila or Casa Batllo, but above all, thanks to his materpiece, still unfinished, the Sagrada Familia en Barcelona.

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The big majority of his works was made in Catalonia, his native place, but some exceptions were made. One of them is the episcopal palace of Astorga, which I talked about a few article ago from this one, and the other, and least, is situated in León,  where I'm staying for my exchange, and is called Casa Botines.


This house was built at the request of Simon Fernandez and Mariano Andres, "the owners of a company that bought fabrics from Güell" (Gaudi's boss and friend), and was named after Joan Homs i Botinas, this company's former owner. But in 1929, it was bought by a Spanish bank and still belongs to the bank's heritage.

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