2 octobre 2017

Las tapas

Tapas belong to the Spanish cooking. It is very famous in Spain and correspond to a snack, or appetizer, served with a drink (wine, beer, soda, or whatever you want to drink).But it is not limited to one kind in particular. 

The main tapas you would find are the patatas (potatoes that can be sweet, spiced, or accompanied with meat), the tortillas (omelette with potatoes and onions), the jamon (raw ham), the picadillos (smithereens of meat, in Leon, it's chorizo), the murcillas (black pudding), olives, cheese, seafood, and so on…!!

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Sometimes, you would find a tapas composed with several things that I have mentionned above. For example, there's a bar where I live that proposes tapas with an egg, a bit of fries, a piece of bread and meat (you can choose between chicken, bacon, black pudding and chorizo). 

In fact, there are many many types of tapas, so everyone can find one that suit to himself !

But one other point that make them famous is that it is almost free ! Actually, you only pay for the drink, which is very cheap here, and then we offer you the tapas you want. That means that for 1.50~3€, you will have a drink and food : almost an entire meal ! And another great point is that if you want to have more tapas (because it is so good and you want some again), you will only pay 0.50~1€. 

The second reason why it is famous is that you go to eat tapas with your friends, colleagues, family, the person you love, or else and  it is very convivial.

Conclusion ►► EAT TAPAS.

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