21 septembre 2017

University of León

I have chosen Spain as exchange country for several reasons ; the main one may be the improvement of the language. Indeed, I am very useless in Spanish and I really need to change this because of the lessons I follow in France, for sure and because after so many years of learning, not being able to talk that much is very sad, but also and mostly because it is spoken in many countries such as, for example, all Latina America. There's also a story of origins. Indeed, a part of my family comes from Spain, but no one from then continued speaking it and I think it is too bad.

And why León ? It is linked to what I've just said. I want to practice, which means meeting Spanish people that mainly speak Spanish (in the streets, the stores…). Thus I need to avoid touristic areas such as Barcelona, Valencia and even Madrid ; I need a city that is not very famous. So : León !

There, there is a big university called "Universidad de León" or "ULE". In real, it is divided into two campuses : the first in León, the second in Ponferrada, but this one is not the main one so I will not talk about it.

The campus in León is called Vegazana. It is composed of many buildings, but we can highlight nine of them which reprensent nine different disciplines that are taught there :

  • School of industrial and computer engineering
  • Faculty of environmental and biological sciences
  • Faculty of working sciences
  • Faculty of economic and business sciences
  • Faculty of law
  • Faculty of education
  • Faculty of philosophy and letters
  • Faculty of veterinary
  • Faculty of physical activity sciences and sport 


I study in the Faculty of economic and business sciences, which is at around twenty minutes by walking from my flat.

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