11 septembre 2017

Stopping in León


As a first experience abroad, I'm going to León in Spain. It is not a very big or famous city, but the life there is warm and the streets are lovely.

It is situated in the North of Spain, between Santiago de Compostela and Bilbao, at the foot of Asturias mountains and at around 1 hour from the Atlantic Ocean. It is the capital of the province of León which belongs to the region Castilla-y-León. 

Nevertheless, it is visited by many people for two… well, three reasons :

Firstly, León is situated on the Way of Compostela. Many pilgrims come here for a step, stay a few days, visit the city and its monuments then continue their journey. 


Secondly, the city is millenial. Indeed, it was built by the Romans in 68 and we can still see the former thermal baths and walls of the borders of the city. So many lovers of History may come here to discover the city, learn more about it and how it has developed through the centuries.

Thirdly, León has a university which belongs to the Erasmus program and its exchanges with students from all Europe and from the rest of the world too !

That's why even if this city is not as huge and famous as Madrid, Barcelona or Sevilla, it is still lively.

I'll live there for six months, from September to February and follow courses in Spanish and English at the Universided de León.

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