My internship at Careertrotter

This internship was very enriching for me because it allowed me to discover in detail the recruitment sector
from an agency’s point of view, its actors and its constraints. 
I discovered that recruitment activities are complex, especially in an international environment with multiple
business challenges.  
The recruitment activity has become highly digital, which involves the mastery of tools and recruiters need to
be creative and proactive in their approach toward candidates. 
I am glad to have been able to express my skills in a field that fascinates me. This internship has allowed me
to participate concretely in recruitment issues through my diverse missions.  I really appreciated multitasking
to discover and experiment new technics and method related to my studies. It also taught me relations on a
business to business level and the expectations required to make these customers happy in order to give them
the wish to work with us. 
Careertrotter welcomed me while facing a pivotal period where the needs in terms of human resources were
growing. I am therefore very proud to have been able to contribute in the recruitment process and the search
of talent. I increased my global vision of the different sectors and job that we were offering, such as sales, IT,
finance or customer service. 
With this experience and in response to its challenges, I would like to try to orient myself via un upcoming
internship, to a similar sector to improve my knowledge and my areas of expertise. Soon, I would like to be an
account manager as well to develop my business to business expertise. I would also like to oversee human
resources project or to take part in the development of human resource information systems (HRIS) to
evaluate the performance and the well-being of employees.  

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