Driving in Ireland

driving in ireland

Driving in Ireland is on the left-hand side of the road.

Many secondary roads in Ireland tend to be narrow, bumpy and winding!! While the major highways are of a very high quality, the "real" Ireland is one of twisting country lanes. Driving on these lanes can be a pleasure with scenic treasures around every corner, but do not expect to get to your destination in record time!! You could very well find yourself stuck behind a herd of cows or sheep or a slow-moving farm tractor, but your best option is to adopt the Irish "sure there's plenty of time" attitude.

Traffic congestion is only a significant problem in Dublin.
Vehicles which are illegally parked stand a good chance of being clamped or impounded so be careful where you decide to park your car. A single yellow line by the sidewalk signifies parking at certain times only. Nearby signs should inform you of the restrictions. A double yellow line by the sidewalk signifies no parking at any time.

So be carefull …

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