Visit to Galway

Galway is a very typical city.


We visited St. Nicholas church which is the largest medieval parish church in Ireland in continuous use as a place of worship at the heart of Galway's life. The early sections of the church date from 1320, although tradition tells us that St. Nicholas was built upon the ruins of an older structure, and part of the chancel's south wall may incorporate some of this earlier material.



We walked among the “Claddagh” area. The name is based on the Irish word "Cladagh", meaning a stony beach. People have been gathering seafood and fishing from here for millennia. Historically, its existence has been recorded since the arrival of Christianity in the 5th century. Throughout the centuries, the Claddagh people kept Galway City supplied with fish, which they sold on the square in front of the Spanish Arch.



We can find a lot of pub with groups who play their songs and concerts. The majority of all the pub are in the main street of Galway. The most popular pub where we go with my friends was the King Head. That pub is very nice, we can go for diner, to drink a beer, to listen to different groups or dance! In this pub, we are sure to find a lot of student. 


After we went to the nightclub “the Four-Four” o. It was very nice, with many different music. 

The nightclub “The fou-four” is more expensive the weekend than the week. Indeed, the weekend, there is not a lot of student because all the Irish student come back to their home. 

Galway is a very nice city


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