Week-end in Belfast

Last week-end I went to Belfast with some friends from my Job at Carrertrotter in Dublin (2 Germain girls, 2 Dutch boys). 


Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, constituent nation of the United Kingdom. 


To go in Belfast by bus it's quite rapid : 2 hours. We left the Friday  and we arrived at the end of the afternoon. 


We slept at the hostel in the centre of Belfast. It was very nice. 


Friday evening, we had diner in a restaurant called COSMO in Victoria Street.  we ate sea food.


We spend all the Saturday in the Giant’s Causeway. We took a bus at 9.30 am and we came back at 5 pm. To go there, it was approximately 1 hour of bus. It was beautiful! We were lucky because it was sunny all day. 

The Giant’s Causeway is a volcanic formation composed by approximately 40 000 columns as you can see in the picture below. 

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