St Patrick’s Day

Yesterday, it was the 17th March: the Saint Patrick's day ! 


Saint Patrick is the saint patron of Ireland and so the 17th March is a Cristian holiday in Ireland. Saint Patrick is the saint patron of Ireland because it is the evangelizer of Ireland. Indeed, he explains to the Irish the concept of the Trinity with a clover, which is the symbol of the country. It is at this moment that Saint Patrick chased all the snakes of the country. Snakes represented Satan and so the ignorance of the real God. 

During this day, there is a parade in a lot of cities. The biggest parade is in New York. 

I was in Dublin centre for this day. The parade was very nice: all the children associations paraded and showed their colour and what they do. The air was full of music. 

The streets was fulled of people, so we had to wake up early to have a chance to see the parade. We were all wearing green clothes and some accessories like hat or Irish flags. 

After we went in a pub to watch the rugby match: Ireland VS England. 

There were a lot of people in all the pub and the ambiance was very exiting.  

It was very pleasant day that allowed me to discover this particular ambiance of the saint Patrick’s day!. 


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