Typical Irish food

Many people, when they think of Ireland, think of the traditional food which is associated with Ireland namely bacon and cabbage, corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew and of course the traditional Irish breakfast. Surprisingly though, apart from the traditional Irish breakfast, many of the restaurants do not serve traditional Irish food as part of their menus. This is because many Irish people when eating out wish to try something different from the food which they are used to eating at home and due to the fact that Irish people, through their travels around the globe, have discovered and brought back other cuisine's as well.
If you wish to sample some traditional Irish food, your best bet would be to go to the places in which lunches are served. Pubs are becoming more and more popular and have become famous for tasty, good value, traditional food. Although not all pubs serve 'pub-grub', you will recognise them, as the busiest pubs at lunch time. Good lunches are available from as little as 10 euro.
There are also numerous types of other restaurants in Dublin. There are many 
Italian restaurants in Dublin as well as Chinese, Japanese, Indian as well as vegetarian restaurants just to name a few. Prices and quality will differ from one establishment to the other. Another option is fast food and there is no shortage of fast food restaurants in most towns in Ireland.

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