expatriation synthesis

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to studying abroad during one semester and live an amazing experience in Ireland. This year abroad give me the wish to travel and discover new countries. Before this expatriation, I was a bit upset to go in a foreign country, but today, I would love to work in a company abroad.


Expatriation allowed me to become responsible and more mature. Indeed, I had been facing myself in a country that was unknown to me and in which spoken language is not my native language. I had to demonstrate my autonomy and the fact that I am well organized.


During this semester, I learned a lot in terms of Management. I found my courses interesting and useful for the rest of my professional purposes. I become conscious of the asset as I must study in Management in another country, giving me a new viewpoint with an international dimension.  


This academic semester has also allowed me to improve my level of English, which is very important for my future. My objective of the expatriation was to acquire a good level of English, today, I can understand English, speak it and write it. This is enough for me to tell that my expatriation was a success.  

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