7 juin 2016

Synthesis of my selected courses

During this semester I had to choose a maximum of 30 ECTS credits which mean around 5 lectures. I make the decision to choose 6 lectures for 5 credits each. All the lectures was tough by a teacher as in IPAG and the students were Erasmus people but also Polish students who choose a double diploma to improve their skills in English.


Negotiation in business: During this lecture we were around 30 students. The point was to learn how to create a good climate to negotiate with/as the client or the supplier. Indeed, we were often split into group of 4/5 with different nationalities and we did some exercise of negotiation in order to make the perfect deal for the consumer and the purchaser in term of price and number of products. I had also done a presentation about a French movie: Intouchables because the teacher would like to speak about the different stereotyping, it was a movie imposed in the list.


Leadership in business: This one was close to the first one because it was the same teacher, so more or less the same way to teach, same numbers of people and same methodology into group. But in another side I did a group presentation about Jack Ma, the Chines CEO of Alibaba group, and also learnt a lot about the different way of leadership and how the employees feel it.


Service Marketing: Also the same teacher but the way to tech was different from the other lectures. We were only 10 students and it was more a classical lecture with a lot of PowerPoint and explanation by the teacher. For me it was not the most interesting because I had already learnt everything during my second years in marketing class like: SWOT, 5 Porter, different between good and services. But, one more time, the strongest point was the presentation we had to make. The objective was to create a new kind of company (SME) and explain everything, from the mission statement, the salary, the prices, profitability previsions, We choose to launch a company who deliver a pack a fresh food ready to cook a delicious meal with different kind of pack: Vegan, carnivore, light, familial, lovers etc…


Behavioral economic. Psychology of decision-making: This was a statistic lecture and maybe the most interesting thank to the professor. During each class we had a PowerPoint made by the teacher about a statistical theories (Bernoulli, for instance), a practical application in video and then we did this experience by our own. It was a very talkative lecture and very interactive lecture because everyone could be participate, guess the answer or the solution and try to understand why we have choosen sometime irrational decision. e.g. : buy a most expensive cloth, food or car or whatever because of the Brand. At the end we also have to create an experience and apply it in the Sopot’s street with random Polish people and present the result during the last class.


Poland’s Economic Transition Macroeconomic Stabilization and Institutional Changes:             This lecture was about the evolution of economy, politics and the actual position in Poland. I learnt a lot about communism in Poland, how everything was controlled and know the fracture between old and young Polish people because they live a very different life. It was also a very talkative class.  An interesting but scary remark was the different point of view between professor and students with the actual political parties. The teacher, who had known communism is glad to be European and happy to treat with different country than Ukraine and Russia. But all the Polish Students don’t want to be European but only Polish, want to live according to the new government ways of thinking, are really scared about Paris, Brussels and as they say “ don’t want to treat with countries who are ok to welcome Muslims, Immigrants and allow the homosexual wedding”. I was really chocked by this declaration as my French colleagues to heard such a rude says by students who would become the Polish worker of tomorrow.


International Management: Investment strategies in emerging markets: This lecture was not exactly the same thing as in the title. During this first part of the semester class was focus on all the emergent countries, especially in Africa like Angola, Uganda, South-Africa… and in the Eastern Asia like Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines.  And we all have to make a presentation about an emergent country and describe all the aspect: infrastructure, main resource, level of life etc.. to compare with the other country which one had better chance to emerge quickly.
For the second part of semester we learnt only about the beer market in Poland, it was awkward but it was to learn why Polish people prefer Polish product, even if they know it’s not the best. After, always in group, we did like the “gaming management” in IPAG but for beer In Poland, create a new beer and think of the name, way of distribution, marketing strategy, target and It was very good pedagogic way to learn how to launch a Polish Start-Up.


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