7 janvier 2016

Summary of my internship report

During my scholarship at Ipag Business School, I had the opportunity during my fifth semester of the 2015-2016 school year to do an internship or a humanity mission having a minimum tenor of four months in a foreign country. Thanks to our school and his wide network we can chose the country, except the French spoken one, as well as the type of work.

For this experience, I choose to work as internship in a marketing and promotional company, which is called Dpointgroup. It is a kind of start up located near by the business district of Barcelona. I have worked in this company sixteen weeks. 

Dpointgroup is a Small and Medium Enterprise, which is in charge to organize events and shows in Barcelona, provides event planning, management, marketing solutions and catering and rental to their customers. Also, the company offers different services to cover the client’s needs with just one company. The quality of the products and customers satisfaction is the company leitmotiv. 

Dpointgroup has a multinational team of high profile professionals’ eager to make a difference and dedicated to aim for the highest point. 

In this company the autonomy and initiative are rewarded. 

This company is divided into three business units : 

- Dprental, foor rent lofts, offices and apartments.
- Dpcard, it's a discount card for bar, nightclub and restaurant. 
- Dpinflatables, it was for selling inflatable products for events such as festivals or advertising.

I choose to work for Dprental as blogs and social media manager.

The first two weeks, I had to log on a website called “Course Online” with a dedicated account user in order to read and realize the required tasks. It was a kind of formation similar to “Crossknowledge”.

Daniel, my CEO, works exclusively with trainees, so we were nearly 25 trainees working for his company. I was in the “Community Manager Team” with 3 other students.

 At the beginning I had to create professional account for social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and a blog on course-online. I have to manage two principal things:

            – The first one was, obviously, to sell apartment thanks to the social media, I used Facebook for this task. I registered in several Erasmus group; such as Erasmus Barcelona accommodation and nearly thirty others to promote Dpointgroup’s flat. I haven’t the list of available flat so each time I have to ask Daniel if it’s been ok for this one, how many beds are available. By focusing on Erasmus it implies to select apartment for students accepting to be on collocation with a maximum of 9 peoples. If someone was interested I sent him/her a private message to discuss about the price, date and other modalities in order to book his reservation. The internship was unpaid but the company pays commission of 30% on every sale made through the student and commissions can vary from €100 to €1000 depending on the amount of goods sold so it’s was very motivating to complete several sale to be pay. In average, I earned 360€ per month. It’s variable because all the room doesn’t cost the same price and we were 4 students for this task.

            – The second one was to promote the “Dpointgroup” Brand through the social media. For this task I used Twitter, my Gmail account and my blog. In addition, I had another formation to learn how to use software such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks.  The goal was to create a brand new poster and ways to promote Dpointgroup. When done I downloaded my poster, discount, advertising or anything else on my Twitter account and my blog to generate traffic on the Dpointgroup website thanks to hypertext link.

To conclude, this internship has been a first experience to live in a foreign country and a first working experience abroad. It allowed me to discover not only a local SME company, but also to familiarize myself with the business’ world, particularly with regard to relations with employees.

Overall it has been a rewarding experience as I gain in autonomy, living and working in a different culture and country and now I feel ready for my next semester in a Polish University in Gdansk, as I feel attracted by a multicultural environment.

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