7 janvier 2016

Summary of my Astonishment report


I have done my first semester in Barcelona for an Intership as community manager           

           One of the most surprising things in Barcelona was the weather. I arrived on August 21th and the temperature was nearly 31°C. I expect this, but since half September to the end of December the temperature was really hot for the season: 19°C in average every day. It’s been pleasant to work and live with such a good weather for all the semester.

IMG_5383Photo took 12th November in Palma.

            Another situation was very surprising; almost all the shops did the afternoon nap. It’s call like this because the shops were close from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. Accordingly shops were open late, until 9a:m and a half for most of them. Spanish people live more at night than us. Everything is deferred by 2 hours. For instance the TV news start at 10a:m instead of 8a:m. They lunch at 2 a.m. And the metro is crowded between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

            Barcelona is also a very attractive city with a lot of tourists. Beach, Nightclub, Visits, Foods, people from all around the world came to enjoy this City full of life. However, despite all this people the city stay clean, pleasant and safe. The entire city is really safe and in 4 months I had none problem with some strange people unlike in Paris or someone aggressive. The crime rate is almost zero and the Guarda Civil is everywhere to ensure the security.

            When I left France to Barcelona, I taught, “ I’m going to Spain”. Nevertheless Barcelonans considered themselves as Catalan and not Spanish. For instance is the same case like France and Corse, It’s in the same territory but there is a different language, different flag, way of thinking and product. Barcelonans are very proud of their identity and when I was there; a vote occurred to elect Catalonia as independent. Even in the public areas, such as the subway or restaurant’s door Catalan language was written first before Spanish.

            To conclude I was in Barcelona during the major event of the City like the Barcelona’s national day: September 24th called: la Mercè. It was a wonderful firework’s festival through the entire city during one week.

Catalonia national day the September 11th : la Diada. This day was a special day thanks to the election of Pro-independents this year. All Catalan travel to Barcelona in order to assist to this brand new day. Every Barcelonan placed a Catalan flag to their windows.

la Diada I took this photo during la Diada

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