Synthesis of my internship report

This trip in the United States was an amazing experience, and helped me discover myself.

I think working abroad is an opportunity to see the world and experience a new country and a new culture. I was fascinated by the U.S. culture. I have discovered new foods, customs, traditions and their social atmosphere.

I believe I came back with a little bit of their culture and new interests. I used to watch sports when I was there for instance. That is very common in America. They mainly watch football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey. I have started watching baseball, which I have never been interested in before. I actually loved it. Besides, the Chicago Cubs won the world series this year, which is an historic victory for Chicago. 

I have learnt a lot about myself. My willing to run my own business has grown thanks to this internship. It helped my think of new ideas, and inspired me. I think you can find many ideas in foreign country. I was very curious about companies that I have never seen before or new products.

By discovering this country, I have noticed many differences with my culture and I have found new interests. I became more independent and self-confident. I feel like I can take care of myself. I enjoyed this independence. I am not afraid to go study abroad in Finland by myself now.

I really discovered myself and my country by gaining an understanding of this new culture. I feel like I am now able to adapt to many situations and solve more easily problems without stress.

I have now a better understanding of the nation's people and history. I discovered a completely new way of life. I can understand how the Americans' society is, how people think. And I was also in Chicago for the 2016 president election which was very interesting. Election in the U.S. are very different from France.

I have improved my communications skills as well. My English is way better than before. Talking every day with customers and coworkers has helped me being more confident. I think it is by practicing that you really learn how not to be anxious and feel more comfortable.

I have learnt a lot during my internship, and I have now new knowledges and new interests. I see things differently. I have also learnt about myself, and what I want and can do. I feel more independent and self-confident.

All things I have experienced during these last four months made me realized how much it is important to travel and get to know new cultures and people. I would recommend that to everyone, to have this chance. I am very grateful for the opportunity IPAG and First Call Cab gave me.

I definitely want to go back in Chicago, which is a wonderful city. 

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