Chicago Cubs – 2016 World Series Champions

The Chicago Cubs are the professional baseball team of Chicago. 

They are known as "the North Siders" reffering to their location in Wrigley Field.

Last time they won the World series was in 1908. They have the record of the longest occurence in all MLB. They haven't win since 108 years.

Chicagoans where waiting since 108 years this moment, and it happenned in 2016.

The Cubs won the 2016 World Series ! Which was a very emotional moment for me. 

5 million people were at the celebration parade to see the players, which is the 7th biggest gathering in human history.

I was there, and it was amazing

A small sentence chicagoans used to say during the 2016 World Series was "Make Someday Today" which turned into "Someday is Today" or "Goodbye Someday" when Cubs Won.



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