The Windy City

Chicago, is the 3rd city of the United States and the ec onomic and cultural center of the Midwest. The windy city is 6 times larger than Paris and has a population of 2.7M residents. The Chicago metropolitan area "Chicagoland" has 9.5M inhabitants and is in the manufacturing belt. It is also one of the biggest financial center in the world.

In the 19th Century, the city burnt in the Great Fire of 1871 bacause it was mostly made of wood. It rebuilt quickly and had a fast and successfull expension. Chicago is now the world modern architectural center.

It is a very nice and dynamic city, wich you can mostly discover by foot.

Chicago is also known as the Windy City, not because of the wind, but because they failed to inaugurate on time the 1892 400th anniversary of Christopher Colombus' arrival Exposition. It means people talk a lot but as a result they didn't have much to say. But Chicagoans are proud of their city.




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