13 mai 2018

Internship – Master 1

During my first year of master at Ipag Business School, I had the opportunity to do a 6-month internship in the field of my choice. I therefore decided to orient myself in the field of human resources, by choosing to do my internship at Toyota Tshusho Europe as HR intern in the Europe region HR department.


            Toyota Tsusho Europe is a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, part of the Toyota Group. Founded in 1968 in Belgium, Toyota Tsusho Europe is a limited company whose activity is extended in Europe thanks to the implementation of its branches. The first branches were established in 1990 in Germany and Hungarie. Today it has 18 entities and subsidiaries located in 10 European countries. The head office is located in Belgium and the president is Takashi Hirobe since this fiscal year. It has more than 1800 employees throughout Europe and achieved the best turnover in 2017 (around 2 billion euros) since its opening.      

            The company is focusing on trading business and contrary to what we might think its activity is not limited to automotive products. Indeed, it is also present in various sectors such as the logistic, metals, electronics, machinery, energy, food and consumer services, etc.


            As an intern, I was part of the Europe Region Human Resources Department. This department was created in 2007 to meet the needs of TTESA. Indeed, the company, beginning to grow strongly, needed regional foundations and governance. This department counts 3 employees (Catherine Watremet, Nobuo Takano and Rim Jiar) and a trainee (myself), and it is currently covering 10 countries in Europe.

            The current strategy of the regional HR department is based on the strategy of Toyota Tsusho Europe and focuses on three main areas. The first being the development of their employees with the deployment of training and talent management. The second being to support business by enhancing labor management activities across Europe by clarify actual labor management situation in Europe, and advise management on labor market trends. And the third being to strengthen governance in order to They wish to ensure better coordination and fairness between the various entities of the organization.


            During my internship, I was in charge of assisting the HR department of the Europe region on various subjects, such as the development of the training part, improving well-being at work and, enhance governance, organize and participate to the regional HR conference, and of course, assisting them in their daily HR tasks.





            Additionally, I had the chance to participate in several site visits in France in order to acquire business knowledge to be more effective. I also had the opportunity to work on 4 major projects.

             My biggest project was the realization of an employee satisfaction survey. The purpose of this project was to create an online survey in order to obtain the overall satisfaction of employees regarding communication, relationships and cooperation, training and development, performance management, diversity and inclusion, identify potential work management risks and compare with the results obtained during the last survey conducted in 2016. This project will end in September with the announcement of the action plans that will have been established following the analysis of the data. I really enjoyed this project because it directly impacts the well-being of the employees at work, which is a subject I am passionate about. Thanks to this project, I was able to work independently and develop my project management skills.

            Every year, the Europe Region HR department organises a conference bringing together all HR representatives all over Europe to discuss strategy, the progress of major HR projects, and it is also an opportunity to highlight best practices from each country. I had the opportunity to organize and participate in this conference, which was a real challenge for me. I really enjoyed working and attending this conference, it finally allowed me to personally meet the HR representatives I only knew by mail and phone. But most of all, I had to learn how to manage my stress and it was a great opportunity to speak in front of highly qualified people, moreover in English!

            I also had the opportunity to participate and organize several trainings, it was very enriching both personally and professionally.

            Due to my last professional experience in recruitment, I was entrusted with a project to improve their recruitment process. This mission is still ongoing, and so far, it is an opportunity for me to contribute my knowledge to improve a key human resources process.


            Toyota Tsusho Europe allowed me to discover the life in a company, the taste of work and responsibilities. I learned a lot, and I discovered the world of the human resources at European level, which was very interesting. This experience has given me a lot of technical skills on a professional level. I have learned to use tools that will enhance my CV.

            I am very grateful to have been able to do my internship in a company such as Toyota Tsusho. This internship allowed me to put into practice the notions of human resources and project management that I acquired during my studies at Ipag and allowed me to refine my professional project. Thanks to this internship, I know that I like the human dimension of this work and the daily challenge and that my ambition is to occupy a human resources position.

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